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ABS/EBS Module

The electronic trailer braking system (TEBS) combines the electronic control unit, sensor technology, and pneumatic control in one compact brake module. The anti-lock and load sensing control braking functions are both managed as integrated features electronically within the module. It offers more accurate and consistent braking force control, with decreased hysteresis compared to a traditional braking system, while increasing tractor-trailer performance, reducing the wear of the brake pad and helping to reduce the trailer's total operating costs. The module also houses the anti-compounding feature. The Roll Stability Program (RSP) feature is available as an additional option. If a driver underestimates the speed of the vehicle when performing a maneuver, especially if the trailer is loaded with a high center of gravity, there is a real danger that the trailer will become unstable and roll over. Even if the driver becomes aware of the trailer's condition, it is usually too late to avoid an accident.