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Knorr-Bremse Load Sensing Valve (Mech) 0481099009


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Load Sensing Valve (Mech) 0481099009 - 0481099009

New Genuine Knorr-Bremse with one year warranty.

The Load Sensing Valve is used to adjust the pressure of the service brake applied with respect to the load imposed on the axles of the vehicle. The Load Sensing Valve mechanical suspension uses motion between the chassis and axle of the vehicle to "sense" the load imposed on the axles. The valve is mounted on the frame and the control arm of the valve must be attached to the axles by a link. Any motion of the chassis changes the position of the control arm of the valve, which in turn alters the input pressure ratio to the output pressure. Load Sensing Valve versions are available with normal emergency relay or relay functionality and with static or dynamic operation. The emergency relay feature provides automatic braking in the event of a breakaway on a trailer. A static valve uses the braking ratio throughout the brake application when starting braking. Throughout the brake operation, a dynamic valve changes the braking ratio to counteract the effect of an axle load change due to load transfer. The effective length of the lever can be changed to adjust the rate of change in control ratio due to a change in the axle load.

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